Uniswap Crypto Exchange Adds Mollars Token, and Price Explodes By Almost 200%


The cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap has added the Mollars token on its platform. Many see the new ERC-20 as a Bitcoin replacement on the Ethereum network. As the fourth cryptocurrency exchange to include the store-of-value token, the listing comes as a shock to investors.

In the dying hours of June 1st, the Mollars token presale came to a close. The initial coin offering (ICO) was a smashing success, raising little under $1.7 million.

This new store-of-value coin has a limited mintage of 10,000,000,000 tokens and is listed on the ERC-20 network with the symbol $MOLLARS. Please do not issue any further tokens; this is the whole supply.

The initial coin offering (ICO) received 40% of the total supply. Over eighty-seven percent of those four million tokens were bought during the presale. The whole figure comes to three and a half million dollars.

Mollars sent an incredibly candid letter to investors on the social media network X, which was once Twitter. He urged everyone to hold. Three other cryptocurrency exchanges will soon offer the coin.

Today, Uniswap will list the MOLLARS token. Hold on tight. As previously announced, three other exchanges will continue to offer Mollars throughout this week. The token’s value rises as the number of traders holding it grows. Use your head. “Let’s Apply Pressure,” the makers of the initiative tweeted.

Presumably, the Mollars team is trying to get people to purchase their token from every cryptocurrency exchange, which should lead to a general increase in the token’s price. This is a result of the very limited supply of the token and the rapidly growing demand for it.

Bitmart, LBank, and XT are the three cryptocurrency exchanges that have announced plans to offer the $MOLLARS coin in the future. Over twenty million cryptocurrency traders have registered with the three exchanges, according to Google statistics. After listing the Mollars coin, each exchange is required to expose it to its audience.

It was unannounced that the initial listing of Mollars would be on Uniswap. As the world’s leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, this is a major development for investors. There has probably been an increase in the number of active users since last year when CNF said that the exchange had more than 30 million.

Uniswap ranks fifth among Ethereum blockchain applications in terms of user base and handles over 1 trillion dollars in volume.

The Mollars token’s price originally adjusted after experiencing a parabolic boom due to its debut on Uniswap. Its original listing price on Uniswap was $0.32.

The $MOLLARS cryptocurrency soared to a high of $0.87 [cents] shortly after debuting on the platform. The token’s value has dropped back down to $0.42 [cents] as of this writing, after an unusual correction that started when some investors sold off their tokens in an attempt to earn opening day gains.

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