Veteran analyst Promises said, “Watch this token, it might move like a Shiba Inu!”


In his analysis, cryptocurrency expert Ali Martinez said the other token he kept an eye on following Shiba Inu’s meteoric surge.

Memecoins may be patiently waiting for their big moment to shine, as the crypto community’s focus has lately switched away from them and onto other topics.

Ali Martinez, an expert in the cryptocurrency market, claims a 0.74 positive connection between SHIB and DOGE. As a result, Dogecoin tends to follow the same trajectory as the price of the Shiba Inu.

According to Martinez, the value of the Shiba Inu increased by 20% over the last week, but Dogecoin has not yet followed suit. He argued that Dogecoin warranted strict monitoring because it may quickly overtake SHIB.

In addition, the crypto analysis firm Santiment included an assessment of SHIB in its most recent study. According to the research, altcoins are seeing a minor price increase today, but most mid- and small-cap currencies are still fighting an uphill battle on the weekly period.

Since SHIB is one of the few remaining currencies, many investors are focusing on it, as reported by Santiment. According to Santiment, there is a growing interest and participation in the crypto community around the Shiba Inu breed, as seen by a 19% increase in social traffic.

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