XRP Ledger Labs Develops Offline XRP Transactions Protocol xPOP


XRP Ledger Labs, a software studio that solves XRPL-based digital payment solutions, recently their developers demonstrated the concept of their offline tool based on QR codes for facilitating XRP based transactions.

As represented by XRPL Labs at the Apex Developer Summit in Tallinn, its team developed a practical prototype of the system that allows users to enable offline XRP transfers.

XRP’s Ledger Proof of Payment Protocol (xPoP) can be used for various devices that are not connected to the Internet 24/7. For example, it is suitable for vending machines and public transport.

The XPoP integrated device reportedly provides a QR-code on its display or paper, but holders of XRPL-based assets can repay it in an instant decentralized manner.

Representatives from XRPL Labs believe that the flywheel of this upgrade to XRPL will help retail adoption in the right manner.

While talking about the technology the developers said;

Since XRPL Labs aims to solve the “chicken/egg problem”, we started with a 100% focus on end-users and the environment. We think it’s time to focus on retail as well. XPoP is one of the most useful developments for retail adoption in the future, and therefore: for the betterment of the entire ecosystem.

XRPL Intelligent xPOP’s intellectual property belongs to the non-profit XRP Ledger Foundation, which coordinates community-led activities from the XRP community.

Therefore, the source code of the new device will be published when its “public beta” version is ready for open testing.

While also addressing the mass adoption from retailers, the developers are planning to release a specific type of account “Lite Account” which will have an activation cost of just 1 XRP.

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