Adult Content Creators Getting Attracted Towards The NFT Craze


With a recent NFT featuring the CEO of Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev on a leash with his hands clasped and praying, while the caption reads as, “Kneel down, repent, Vlad.” “But I’m still robbing you and redistributing wealth, but for the rest of your life I’ll try to catch you and cheat on Wall Street.”

While surprisingly this piece of NFT (Making Vlad my Bitch)was sold for 1 Ethereum on the NFT listing platform Rarible, thus proving the craze of NTFs amongst adult content creators.

The piece of NFT was created by the Cryptonatrix which is known for its dominator and artist who specializes in referring to “freedom themed political or social events”; its previous arts include a large foot image of Elon Musk’s head, known as “What the Safe Word, Alone”, while another strap-on is crooked and almost touching, the Sistine Chapel of à la Michelangelo. Although not being sold in real life, the art piece was sold for hundreds of dollars as digital art.

“Digital containers”, such as NFTs or non-fungible tokens, can be used as an invaluable collection, such as an autographed baseball card or a rare stamp. Steve Aoki’s limited art collection “Dream Catcher” sold for $4.25 million (record-breaking single action price $ 888,888.88 from former T-Mobile CEO John Legere).

The other sector outside the crypto community that has noticed an increased interest in the NFTs in the adult film industry, thus making this ahead of adult content creator firm Cryptonatrix who has begun to embrace the NFT craze, marketing their creations to small but intensive customers.

The firm said,

“Most buyers don’t really care about getting anything on the blockchain because they want to jack off, But some of them really like the idea of ​​owning this digital token and this unique image created by their favorite creator.”

In the past, many sex workers have entered the cryptocurrency because “adult creators have historically had censorship issues”, not the online sex worker who previously sold his five nude pictures uploaded to other platforms as NFTs. About $600 each. In the process of freezing the funds of many sex workers, many mainstream payment processors such as PayPal have refused to process transactions from senior businesses.

These Sex workers have struggled to maintain a presence on large platforms such as Instagram, where they are often subject to shadow bans and strict content guidelines. Some of them see mining NFTs as a way to diversify their revenue streams but ensure that their content is not removed from the blockchain, although having nudity-related content over Blockchain sure gives rise to concerns over its policies but it also gives freedom to a far greater extent.

However, the creation of such NFTs can be a hefty task at times on the Ethereum platform and, even more, it’s unclear the minting Adult NFTs are allowed on the platform.

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