Amazon will not accept Shiba, here is why


Currently, three petitions are live by the Shiba community for Amazon to accept Shiba inu coin payments.

The end of October & the beginning of November was full of Shiba inu coin trends. And many people started to invest in this trending meme coin to make faster money, without thinking about the risk. 

After the huge criticism & troll by some big crypto experts, the trend of Shiba seems to be going down. But actually, the Shiba community don’t want to think about it negatively and they only want a trend up. 

For this, the Shiba community filed a petition at to list Shiba tokens at Robinhood crypto exchange. But Robinhood indirectly indicated that they are not interested in listing Shiba inu coins. 

Now, the Shiba community is running three petitions for Amazon to accept the Shiah inu token as a payment option. 

SHIB4Amazon – Ask Amazon to add SHIB as a payment” – signed by 47,526 people.

“Kindly request Amazon start accepting SHIBA INU as a form of payment” – signed by 44,878 people.

“Please accept Shiba Inu cryptocurrency as payment for Amazon products and services” – signed by 80,969 people.

The person, who filed this petition for Amazon, claimed that the Shiba community wants to make Shiba inu coins available for buying and selling goods and services in practical life. 

Amazon will not accept Shiba coin or any other crypto 

In the middle of this year, Amazon opened positions for blockchain developers & experts, who have a better experience. And many reports claimed that Amazon will accept Crypto payments soon. 

But Amazon clearly said that they are not planning to accept any crypto payment but they will only do research and development in the blockchain industry. 

This is a clear indication that Amazon is not ready to accept any kind of crypto asset. But there are huge expectations that Amazon may launch its blockchain payment channel or own stable coin to accept crypto payments. But Amazon will never accept the Shiba coin because no development work on the project.

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