Be Safe To Use Defi


We already covered much about Defi project but here we are in that scenario where we need to guide our community about safety to use Defi based project.

Because always a new project team tries new concept for people to use , so that they can create lots of hype in cryptocurrency market to create hype.


Here today In these article we will cover few points before to use Defi concept based wallet or we can say Defi platform based services .

Defi Projects With Smart Contracts 

All the services and coins ,except few, which are getting bonding with Defi based project are based on Etherium Smart Contract .

And this is totally new thing for these etherium smart contract based coin team to create a separate algorithm to use their coin with Defi Bond network.

So there are chances of error or some vulnerability.

We suggest people to wait for the development of this project at good level and don’t do blind investment otherwise in very big amount . There are lots of chances that we may face big issue with our fund.

Meta Mask of Etherium 

This is not a new thing but still it is in trend to use your wallet with defi based program to swap coin .

So always take care that The browser you are using in your PC or laptop should not be connected with another third party non trusted network or software like stuff.

Meta Mask technique that helps you to add your wallet with the extension installation script in your laptop or pc or even in your mobile.

Best Defi Crypto and Projects 

You can get all list of top and down Defi crypto and projects at by ranking. 

But don’t invest in any coin blindly by look at the rank.

Before invest in any coin, research yourself about that coin throughout and see whether that coin have something unique that can create a economic space in crypto market in future.

So don’t see toward the hype . Always think in two ways, positive and negative, otherwise you will lose all of your investment.

Future of Defi Based Project

Future of Defi project is good in our opinion because the main reason is that here you have opportunity to make earning with very very less risk just by lock your fund .

So people who have decent amount of money in their wallet, can go with investment in Defi based platforms.

And this will give a big economic support to Defi based platform to run in crypto field for long run because always these platforms will have support of investment .

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