How To Trade Bitcoin only


In the present time earnings in Bitcoin field became a very tedious job because at one side we can’t do investment in any coin blindly and at another side we don’t have enough option of investment in crypto project except few .

bitcoin only trading

So here in this article we will tell about the perfect ways to trade your Bitcoin in multiple ways for long term without any risk .

What is Bitcoin trading 

Buy and sell of Bitcoin with another crypto coin or fiat currency is known as Bitcoin trading .

Bitcoin trading is best method to make earning in the Cryptocurrency market.

If you want to know more about “ what is Bitcoin trading then click here “

Trading Bitcoin for Beginners

Bitcoin Trading is very complicated and headache type work for Beginners because most of the beginners think that it is very tough to start with new people.

At one side they don’t have the knowledge to do Bitcoin trade and on another side, they don’t have a big network of people, so how they will get customers to make buy sell.

So here we will tell about the platforms to create Bitcoin network of people who are looking for buy sell Bitcoin.

Platform to start bitcoin Trading

Local bitcoins

Bitcoin trading platform are just magical steps to start Bitcoin trading for a beginner.

We can use  start trading in Bitcoin in any type of currency (fiat or crypto) and in any type of country.

You can use any type of payment option which you like at localbitcoins platform.

Usually for every trade we need to pay a particular amount of fee to the website for escrow service which makes your trade secure and successful.

So you can buy at any amount and sell in any amount, interested person will contact you at localbitcoin.

WhatsApp, Facebook & Another social platforms 

You can create your own Bitcoin related groups at all possible social media platforms like whatsapp, Facebook, telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter account .

At these social media platform you need to remain active to share knowledge of things regarding crypto and crypto related news in your group and account of social media.

It will increase your Bitcoin community of Bitcoin & crypto users. And from there you will get your customers to buy sell Bitcoin directly.

Bitcoin Trading Tips 

As we already told you how to start trade and how to do trade in Bitcoin in very starting if you are a beginner. 

But here you need to keep few points in your mind that will help you to remain in safe zone.

Or we can say points to keep in your mind to do a safe trade.

  • Always use one mobile number & one account with one name.
  • Never release your Bitcoin before payment
  • Never trust at any person blindly
  • Never give your Bitcoin to anyone for high return or even in need .
  • Never go first in the trade, because a scammer can scam you, if you will do the same.
  • Never do trade with suspicious activist type person.
  • Don’t make admin to another person for your group.
  • Do everything yourself instead of anyone’s  help.

Patience in Bitcoin Trading 

Since Here we already told that how to trade in Bitcoin with all safety tips.

But here we would like to tell about a major part of Bitcoin trading business grow, which is patience .

You will always need a lots of patience. It can take around 3-4 month to start your Bitcoin only trading work with social media platform help.

Don’t try to show your rude behaviour to anyone, be always loving type person with everyone no matter what type of behaviour your customer have.

Always offer good rate and low profit price to your customers, so that you can easily interact more and more customers.

Don’t do any type of scam or fooling & bullying like work with your customers.

Because customer are your God & without customers your are nothing .

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