Three Way Of Earning At Bitcointalk


Hello guys today in this post we will talk about three ways of earning at website.

If you will follow all the ideas and tips step by step then surely you will not only able to earn Bitcoin but also many another types of token coins.

You will not be able to get job but also you will be able to start your own business.

But if you don’t know about then we would like to explain you about it in very short lines about it and then we will tell about the three methods of earning with bitcointalk website in decent amount.

What is

Bitcointalk is a official forum website of Bitcoin team.

Almost all types of major updates regarding Bitcoin and bitcoin forked coin you will get there.

But due to very strict terms & conditions of the forum, a newbie can’t make place to talk with another forum members because they imposes  lots of restrictions over a newbie user account, like message with another member and post writing time limit for every post, so people don’t try to go there because these rules are very irritating.

Three methods to make money at forum bitcointalk 

May be these method are time consuming but when you will achieve a very high level in the forum then you will be able to make decent amount of earning easily.

So lets talk about these methods 

Signature Campaign Programs

This is actually a simple concept. If will be at better rank in the forum then you will be able to join promotion programs of the new services in the forum.

You just need to put the signature code ( actually a banner code ) in your profile. If you will do discussion or name anywhere then that message will appear at the end of your message and post in the forum.

Payouts of the program in signature campaign vary according to type of campaign and your rank level and also their terms and conditions.

Rank levels will be decide by the time you spent in the forum and how much better posts you did in the forum to help other people.

Usually there are seven type of rank, these are newbie, Jr .memebr, member, full member, Sr.memebr, hero member, legendary.

If you will be at legendary level then you can earn $609-$700 in a month very easily.

Run Your Own Escrow Service

You can start your Escrow service in the forum.

You just need $400-500 in your wallet and then hire a trusted member in the forum to create a trust for your service, you just need to give $400-500 to that trusted person and that trusted person will confirm there at your service thread ( post )that he holds your money , if anything happen wrong then you will give compensation with that amount without any condition.

But you need to take care that you will do your job with more accuracy to do a deal between two people.

You should check everything from both the side whether both the things are ok or not.

Became A Campaign Manager 

You can get a job of campaign manager.

Many new services enters in this field and they don’t have any idea to run a campaign.

But you can learn that how the signature campaign works there by some time small research .

But to get a post of manager to manage any services campaign, you should have trust level or high rank in the forum and also you should have good history of work as a forum member.

Otherwise there are many people in the forum as a option. So prove yourself a best member in the forum by helping people and sharing new new knowledge.

Summary :

Here we talked about three methods of earning money in which are join a signature campaign, run a escrow service and become a manager of signature campaign.

Here all the methods are genuine and people are doing earning with these methods but if you want to make earning then you will needed to do everything in the forum with full of rules and regulations , you shouldn’t violate any rule of the forum and don’t abuse anyone, otherwise they will ban you instantly without any prior information .

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