Best Gambling Strategy To Win Free Bitcoins


Hello guys today in this post we will talk about Bitcoin gambling strategy or you can say gambling trick.

The trick that we will tell is very old but working very well every time but for limited period of times and in limited numbers of bet.

bitcoin gambling strategy and trick

Strategy to increase the chance of win the bet 

In this first trick we will explain you,  how to bet with your Bitcoin.

Take example of where we can place our bet with directly high low bet game.

Take a simple example that you have 10000 Satoshi.

Now start your first bet with 100 Satoshi for 50-50 chances of loss and win ( by default , don’t change it ) 

If you will win the bet then you will get 100 Satoshi and if you will loss this bet, then you will lose your 100 Satoshi.

Now come at the point, if you won the bet then place your bet again with 100 Satoshi.

But if you lost your bet then place your next bet with 200 Satoshi.

With 200 Satoshi bet, you will not only get return of your last 100 Satoshi but also you will make 100 Satoshi win.

But if you lost this bet then place another bet with 400 Satoshi.

And so on.

After every win return to the initial bet amount of 100 Satoshi.

And you can click at any button of bet ( high or low ) 

This trick will work for 1 minute to 2 minutes, so don’t use this trick for 15-20 minutes, otherwise you will lose all of your fund because they coded their gambling algorithm bot such that you can not make profit in long run.

You can use this strategy of gambling for sports betting.

Sports Betting or Gambling

We will not explain this trick in very deep. But those who already know, that how to place bet in gambling, will easily understand to use this strategy of sports gambling.

This strategy of gambling or you can day trick of gambling is totally different from the first gambling strategy that we revealed in the above paragraph. 

Take an example of cricket game, in a particular match only two teams participate and there is probability that one of them will win the match.

Now before the start of the match, the odds remains in favour of one team and against of another team i.e if in a match one team is weak and another team is powerful then odds for weak team will be more and less for powerful team.

You just need to place your bet for weak team not for powerful team.

But as we all knows very well that during the game situations of winning can turn toward any side of the team, so always keep attention during the whole session of match , if a situation appear that a powerful team became weak then odds for that team became high. Now at this situation you can place your bet for second team.

Now at the end no matter which team will win, you will only get profit. But keep in your mind that you should place your bet when odds are 3.0+ 

Here you can understand with example, 

Suppose in a match two teams playing are team A and team B.

If team A has odd 3.0 then place bet for this team and then wait for team B for the situation change, when odds for Team B became 3.0 then place your bet.

Now at these situation if you will place your bet 100-100 $ for both team, then at the end you will earn $100 net profit.

But before to use use trick of betting, first read terms and conditions of the betting website. If they are saying that you can’t place bet for both team then in that situation you can use two mobiles.

And second thing you need to keep in your mind, always use genuine and best betting websites.

Summary :

Here we revealed two type of gambling and betting strategy. Use this strategy for small time at scripted websites.

But you can use these tricks for long periods of time for sports betting games.

If with these trick/strategy you faced any type of loss or profit, we will not be responsible . You are owner of your money and that is your decision that how you will use and for which things .

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