Usual Trading Mistakes That Should Avoid By Beginners


Trading is most popular method to earn money in cryptocurrency market.

Here in this field everyone enters only to make money but many of them failed and only few of them got success.

common cryptocurrency trading mistakes

So here we will tell why most of the people failed to make money with trading in cryptocurrency makret.

And also we will explain how to deal with those situations, so that we can keep our trade in safe zone.

Mistakes in crypto trading by newbies

Fake News Fear 

This is common thing in Bitcoin field or we can say in cryptocurrency field that many people who have power to spread hype in the whole cryptocurrency market , spreads fake news for small amounts of money.

Usually the negative and fake news spreader people got a big amount of money from whales of crypto market and then those whales take advantage of dump in market by buying coins at low price  

So don’t get into fear with fake news.

Always do deep research analysis whether the trending news is really true or just fake hype to manipulate.

If you are not able to tackle yourself from negative news then it is much better for you to sell your coins for USDT and then if everything comes at stability then buy again at low price.

In this way, you will not only save your trade from loss but also will get profit.

Lack Of Patience 

Many of the beginners get into trading with full education of trading but they failed to make profit because of patience.

Even new traders invests their money in good & high potential coin but they have very less patience to get profit.

They can’t wait for 5-6 months and at the end, they quit from that coin investment and enter into another one.

A good investor should not sell his coin until his holding coins are in profitable zone.

Blind Investment In A Coin 

Even a experienced trader sometimes does this type of mistake of investment in any coin because of hype.

We would like to recommend everyone of you that if you got any type of suggestion or hype about a particular coyn then it is better to do research yourself about that coin future projects and also take deep research that whether that coin really have something promising thing which is making it different from another coint or  it is all the result of only hype created by few people to to steal your money.

Choice of Good Trading Exchange Website 

No doubt almost all the trading exchange have better security but still we should see toward the users review about that particular exchange.

Because there are few exchange in this cryptocurrency market which are running fake and money rotation Ponzi schemes and are listing any type of fake coin.

Here we can’t take name of any exchange but here we can suggest best exchange.

In our opinion best exchange in present time is binance , poloniex, tronlink, kucoin.

You can go for another but take some research and reviews about those exchange at YouTube platforms.

Summary :

 If you will follow all these factors before to start a trade then you will get lots of benefit in trading .

But if you will go with anything and blindly then surely you will loss your fund only .

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