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Since we already explained about the types of hardware wallets like online wallet, offline wallets, Wallets for newbies and wallets for experienced users.

But here today in this article we will explain the best hardware Wallets that are essential for those who are much worried about their funds in online wallets.

Here we will give a list of websites that provide hardware wallets. 

Numbering of wallets from one to above doesn’t mean the quality or preferred wallet.

All depends upon you which wallet you like most by price & specification.

Ledger Hardware Wallets

At we can buy two types of offline cryptocurrency hardware wallet. 

Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S are two most popular and demanding products of ledger company. 

Ledger crypto hardware wallets can be controlled easily through mobile and also through PC system and also it has mobile bluetooth control system. That means we can connect our mobile with hardware wallets with Bluetooth connection wirelessly to access send/receive/buy/sell directly at the official wallet.

Ledger Nano X 

Price of Ledger Nano X is $145.

nano x

Ledger Nano X crypto wallet is specially designed for those cryptocurrency users, who have numerous types of cryptocurrencies.

In Ledger Nano X Wallet, A user can install upto 100 cryptocurrency wallets apps at a time.

Bitcoin & Ethereum are common examples of leading Cryptocurrency of the cryptocurrency market, so it is usual for these coin’s wallet facility in the wallet.

But beside Bitcoin and Ethereum there are more than 1800 supporting cryptocurrencies.

Size of Ledger Nano X is 72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm

And Weight is 34g.

This wallet has an inbuilt 100mAh lithium ion battery.

Ledger Nano S 

Price Of Ledger Nano S is $77. This price is not fixed, for every country it changes by $1-2. 

This Wallet is specially designed for those cryptocurrency users who have limited numbers of cryptocurrency to hold for long term.

In short, if you have two to three types of cryptocurrency then Nano S is a good option.

In Ledger Nano S we can install upto 3 cryptocurrency wallets. 

Since almost all types of cryptocurrency wallets are supported like Nano X. But here at one time only three wallets can exist.

So before choosing the hardware wallet, try to understand your needs.

So here a huge difference between these two wallets of ledger is capacity to have wallets at one time.

We recommend people to buy ledger Nano X because with a small amount of more Investment, we can unlock huge space to install software. But still even at this end of explanation, anyone want to compare side by side then visit here.

Trezor Wallet 

There are mainly two types of the Trezor crypto Wallet models.

These two models are Trezor Model one ( known as starter pack) and Trezor Model T.

Both of these two models are best at their place.

Trezor Model One ( starter pack )

Price of Trezor Model one is 59 EUR. After buying, the buyer will get a gift voucher worth 10 EUR. This model is not limited to a few numbers of wallets. But it is good for those who have a very limited number of crypto wallets. There are around 100 types of supported coins for Trezor model one starter pack.

Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T is a more upgraded Trezor wallet of 

Price of the Trezor model T is 159 EUR. 

This model of Trezor crypto wallet supports more than 1200 types of crypto coins.

Here it should be noticed that we can also store ERC-20 based Ethereum tokens in this wallet.

Trezor is the best wallet at his place but one thing may be disappointing for those users who are using windows and Os operating mobile. 

Because Trezor doesn’t support these wallets, but innthe future they may support it.

So if you are going to buy Trezor then we suggest going with the Trezor Model T, but if you are limited to very small numbers of coins type, then you can go for the Trezor starter pack One.

D’cent Wallet is also a popular Cryptocurrency wallet provider platform. 

D’cent Wallet is available in three forms: online, offline & card form.

Since here we are talking about the offline wallet i.e hardware wallet.

D’cent’s hardware wallet is known as D’cent Biometric wallet. This wallet is one and only model of cryptocurrency wallet by D’cent. No other model exists by D’cent.

The price of D’cent Biometric hardware is $119 ( may vary from country to country by small amount).

Since in the D’cent wallet we can store Multiple cryptocurrency coins but here it should be noticed that the most attractive specification of this wallet is fingerprint authorisation. 

We can register two fingerprints in the D’cent Biometric wallet to access the wallet.

It should be noticed that D’cent wallet is mainly designed for android mobile users. So maybe there can be some problem with Os and window mobile users.

Caution Before To Buy Any Type of Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet 

Don’t buy any type of cryptocurrency hardware wallet from third party websites. 

It is always recommended to buy Wallets from the official websites instead of third party websites.

If you try to save a few dollars to buy your hardware wallet then there may be a big chance that you may lose all of your funds from your wallet.

And also it is recommended to reset your wallet.

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