Best Bitcoin Wallet in 2021


In the present time numbers of Bitcoin wallets are available to use but we get confused that which one we should use and which not because different people suggests different wallet .

Bitcoin wallet for beginner

But here today we will tell about the best and safest Bitcoin wallet according to the need of user and understanding of the user base.

In very simple words, we will tell about the best Bitcoin wallet for beginners and pro level users

Best Bitcoin wallet for beginners

Every beginner in the field of cryptocurrency get confused because numbers of option remain available, so here we will give a list of those Bitcoin wallets which are easy to use and easy to create a Bitcoin wallet for mobile as well as desktop.

Blockchain Wallet

This is the official bitcoin wallet that is provided by Bitcoin team for beginners level of users and easy to create to use.

Available for Desktop and Mobile both and it is easy to use.

In this wallet you will get security of the transaction by email confirmation.

Every newbie can create his wallet of block chain by visit at official website.

Since it is very simple but still have all possible options to use that is a need of pro level user of bitcoin because we can verify a signature message and also import and export bytcoin private key easily.

Here a plus point for this wallet is that we can use it for the storage of Etherium and another bitcoin network coins.

Mycelium wallet 

This wallet is available for mobile user only but it is most perfect wallet that we seen in this field of cryptocurrency for movie users .

In this wallet we can store Bitcoin with three types of dress( P2PKH, P2SH, bech32)  with same wallet at same time, that allows us to transfer Bitcoin at very low fees . And this wallet can operate over very slow internet speed .

The best thing about this wallet is, we don’t need to provide any type of email or mobile number verification option .

Everything is available without any use of user data information.

To recover account in future we will need to backup the account in advance.

We can export private key or phrase backup easily ( we should store backup information in offline for safety ) .

The plus point with this wallet is we can store another high level coins and also can create cold storage wallet but we need to pay fees to buy the wallet for such faculty of cold storage, otherwise it is free for Bitcoin normal wallet.

Coinbase wallet 

Coinbase is a good option  but it is a third party wallet and it is very easy to create Bitcoin wallet with few numbers of another coins. And we can buy bitcoins directly in the wallet by using debit/credit card and bank account wire transfer.

Since this wallet is very easy to use for beginners but a point then enters in people mind is that third party which is not a satisfactory point for us because people are here in this field to remain anonymous with earnings, so usually people avoid it to use .

There are few alternative of coinbase wallets which we can use for buy sell, one of them is Robinhood & SoFi.

Bitcoin Wallet for Advanced level Pro users 

Electrum wallet

This is best wallet for those who are experienced in the crypto field. 

This is available for desktop and mobile both and can operate over slow internet speed easily.

Exodus wallet 

This wallet is for pro Bitcoin users which is available to use at desktop version only.

And we can say that this is best desktop wallet.

Trezor wallet & Leger wallet 

These two wallets are available to use in offline only. They will not work directly at mobile or PC.

They needed to connect with PC through a pen drive system.

It costs around $60 per wallet.

These very secured wallet of bitcoin but don’t try to buy these wallets from third party websites.

Multi Cryptocurrency wallet 

Since there are numbers of wallet are available to store all of your cryptocurrency at same place but the best one that we think is better is coinomi wallet.

This wallet is available for mobile and desktop both .

Warnings : Always take backup of your wallet otherwise you will lost your fund in case of any accident of laptop , PC or mobile damage .

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