What is TestNet ?


Test Net is a alternative block chain network. Which is used to check the Coin performance whether it is working perfectly or not.

testnet walllet

What is MainNet?

MainNet means main network. It is also called live network.

It is also a blockchain network which is use to run the coin for use by people .

TestNet wallet & Testnet Faucet

We can easily create Test net wallet and also we can collect tesnet coins free of cost at testnet faucet websites, which are runs by individual or coin team.

You just need to search in Google for faucet of tesnet coin and wallet for testnet, you will get lots of results easily to use.

Scam due to TestNet wallet 

There are numbers of people in online Internet remain ready to do scam with people.

Usually such people send test net coin in test net wallet and make money from it.

To keep yourself safe, don’t allow anyone to create account of any wallet for you. And also before to create account, do some research in Google for best Bitcoin wallets.

How to identify Testnet wallet?

To identify the Testnet wallet we need just take care at small words at the home page of the wallet.

You will clearly see TestNet or TestNet wallet and also you can see a flask sign in few wallets.

Transfer coin from Tesnet to MainNet

Many people ask that can we transfer coins from Testnet wallet to MainNet wallet or vice versa?

No, you can’t because this is totally a different concept for both the network.

At one side Tesnet is only to check whether the block chain programs working fine or not.

And at another side MainNet is made to use by people to make real transaction.

Address format of TestNet wallet 

Every coin have their own format style of address for TestMet and MainNet wallet .

If we talk about bitcoin then we will find that adrews format of the Bitcoin address in MainNet started with 1, 3 or bc1 

And in Bitcoin TestNet address started with m or n.

On the other hand if we will see toward etheriium coin then we will not find any difference in format text, both will look like similar  .

Bitcoin TestNet Address Generator

The best option to get Bitcoin Testnet address, you can go with Electrum TestNet wallet.

This wallet is available to create Test wallet of Bitcoin and in that situation you can easily create numbers of tender bitcoin address .

TestNet Faucet

Here you can see numbers of Testnet Faucet list and can earn free Testnet coins.

But keep in mind that there are no monetary value of Testcoin exists, they are just for demo purpose to check the coin network and algorithm and checking security level of reliability.

And also uses for finding out the vulnerability in the network.


https://tpfaucet.appspot.com (Not working)





This list of data is taken from butcointalk.org

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