Best Platforms To Borrow & Lend Fund


Hello guys, today in this article we will share best ideas to borrow and lend your Bitcoin and another coins at best place for good return.


You will not only get best places to invest but also get best idea to make money.


  • What is lending of Bitcoin or fund?
  • What is borrow of money?
  • Best platforms to lend bitcoin
  • BlockFi Lending Platfrom
  • CoinLoan Lending Platfrom
  • Nexo Lending Platfrom
  • SALT Lending Platfrom
  • EthLend Lending Platfrom
  • Bankera Loans Lending platform
  • YouHodler landing Platform 
  • Advantage to use  lending platforms
  • Disadvantage of using Lending paltforms  

What is lending of Bitcoin or fund?

Lending of money means, you will give your money to someone at particular interest rate.

In this way you will use your wallet money to make earning by using it.

There are lots of advantage to invest money at lending website but beside it there are few drawback that we should keep in our mind.

What is borrow of money?

When we need money then we can take loan from bank.  Same thing is here in crypto, we can take loan from those lending & borrow platforms with suitable collateral amount of cryptocurrency .

Best platforms to lend bitcoin 

There are numbers of websites available in cryptocurrency market that allows us to lend our fund to make earnings. 

But besides to go with any type of website blindly, we should take care that which one suits better for us and which one not.

So now lets start one by one 

1] BlockFi Lending Platfrom

This is New York based website which allows people to lend and take loan both. This platform allows us to use only Bitcoin ( BTC ) , Etherum ( ETH ) & Litecoin ( LTC ) only .

BlockFi Lending Platfrom


  • We can earn 8.5%+ per per year by lend our crypto.
  • We can borrow money at 4.5% per year .
  • We can take Loan around 50% of the collateral amount.


  • Blockfi allows only those people who have US citizenship 
  • They will verify your identity documents (KYC verification )
  • Minimum amount of loan is $10,000 

Website link of blockfi

2] CoinLoan Lending Platfrom

CoinLoan is really a good platform for CoinLoan users because It provides three options Interest Account  , Instant loan & Exchange 

Interest Account 

 We can put our fund ( fiat & stable coins ) and can make a good interest rate of our lending fund .

Instant Loan 

We can take loan instantly without any delay or any type of identity document verification , with our collateral fund at the platform . 

Crypto Exchange 

With the Crypto Exchange option we can buy any coin with debit card and credit card easily and also we can directly swap our coin from one coin to another coin . So we can use it like a exchange .

Advantage of CoinLoan 

  • We can get high interest rate at CoinLoan . They pay 6.4% interest per year for Bitcoin and 10.3% for stable coins & fiat currencies.
  • We can do unlimited deposit and unlimited withdrawal without any fee charge . All over you don’t need to spend a penny of money from your pocket .
  • We can take loan of 70% of the collateral value i.e 70% Loan to value ratio . But we recommend you to use 50% only to keep yourself in safe zone . At another side you can down this perctage to around 5% .
  • They have flexible loan term of 7 days to 3 year , which is really a good deal for us .
  • We can pay our loan before the last day without any fees pay .
  • This lending platform have security of asset by SEC approved by custodian of Bitgo . The insurance amount is of value 100M doller .

Website link of CoinLoan

3] Nexo Lending Platfrom

Nexo is European Fintech company based lending & borrow platform .

At Nexo you can get fix deposit of interest which is almost 8% per year .

This website is different from other by other platforms because of its fascilty to spend the loan amount using nexo credit card and also we can withdraw loan in bank account .

Nexo is limited to few but good crypto coins which are BTC , BNB , ETH , XRP, TRX , LTC , XLM , NEXO token & stable coins TUSD , USDT , Dai , PAX .

Advantage of Nexo lending platform
  • It gives 8% of fix interest per annum 
  • This platform have security insurance for our asset by 100M doller in  SEC approved by custodian Bitgo .
  • Loan To value ratio is 50-55% of the collateral amount .
  • We can invest only stable coins .

Negative part of using Nexo platform we need to verify our identity by providing the KYC details .

That take some time but after that we are free to work there to lend and borrow funds .

website link of Nexo lending platform

4] SALT Lending Platfrom

Salt lending platform is first crypto asset backed lending website which allows us to make earning with our crypto assets holding .

This lending platform has his own Token coin which is based on Etherium ERC-20 contract based system .

So we have fascilty to use SALT coin token at this platform to borrow fund .

But keep in mind , if we want use their borrow service then we are restricted to buy SALT COIN token .

They have three type of subscription to buy SALT TOKEN 

  • Base : we have to buy 1 Salt token per year 
  • Premier: we have to buy 10 salt token per yea
  • Enterprise: in this subscription we have to buy 100 token per year of Salt coin .

Obviously high level of subscription will allow you to reduce the borrow rate of your loan .

Advantages of SALT platform
  • It gives us flexial interest rate fascilty 
  • It allows us to use multiple types of crypto assets to use as collateral
  • It will not check our credit card score 
  • It allows us to take 70% of Loan to value 
  • We can earn high interest by lend salt token at their platform
  • It gives high interest for our lending , which is around 10% to 18% per year .Interest rate are varying because of LTV ratio of use by the user . 

website link of salt lending platform

5] EthLend Lending Platfrom

EthLend platform is based on Etherium smart contract Blockchain system . It means it is running on Etherium Blockchain network .

This platform allows borrowers and lenders directly peer to peer deal . 

So this platform is fully decentralised platform .

EthLend platform have his own coin token LEND Token . We can use this LEND token for interest pay & also can use as collateral asset .

Advantage to use EthLend platform
  • We can get 50% of the collateral amount and if we have LEND token as collateral then we can take 55% , So its Loan to value ratio is 50%-55% .
  • It runs on smart contract based system 
  • Good collateral management.
  • We don’t need to pay any fees for lending our assets .

website link of EthLend platform

6] Bankera Loans Lending platform

The team of Bankera laons lending platform is very experienced in Blockchain based banking development , so we can understand that how much they have safety with their platform .

Bankera Loans Platform have his own Coin token , Banker Token .

Since Bankera is not very old Platfrom but still they grabbed a big part of fund from crypto market by trust and good platform service .

The team of Bankera Loans is very responsive , Thier services of Bankera users to help is available 24×7 hours .

So we can understand how much better Platfrom they have , A good team and safety protocol based platform is very good option for those people who have very less knowledge of investment and borrow in such kind of Platfroms .

Advantage of Bankera Loans Platform

We can take loan with minimum set amount of 25 EUR from Bankera Loans , but still they have lots of benifical factors that attracts us to go with Bankera Platfrom .

  • Loan to value ratio is very high . We can take 75% of the collateral fund .
  • We can withdraw with multiple options like EUR, BNK, USDT, BTC, ETH, XEM, DASH
  • We need to pay Low interest if we will pay through Banker coin token .
  • We can reschedule our payment due date .
  • Their customer support service team remain available 24 hours everyday .
  • They have good flexible interest rate .

website link of Bankera lending platform

7] YouHodler landing Platform 

This is most better Platfrom in the present time in the Cryptocurrency market . Because it is giving most highest Loan to Value ratio and also giving very good amount of interest for your stable coins and Bitcoin .

You can see below in the picture about the rates of interest of borrow and lending of your asset .

Interest rates of borrow and lending at YouHodler lending platform

YouHodler provide 90% of the loan value ratio , it means you can get more value amount of the collateral asset . And the loan fascilty in this platform is very faster .

And also we can start borrow a loan with minimum $100 to $30,000 maximum .

Advantage of YouHodler landing Platfrom
  • Very fast to provide loan. 
  • Very high value loan to value ratio .
  • We can take minimum loan of $100 .
  • We can use it like a saving bank account . That will give 7.2% for Bitcoin and 12% for USDT saving .
  • Supports more than 15 type of assets

Website of YouHodler lending platform

Advantage to use  lending platforms 

  1. We can make money by invest our fund which is not in use in our wallet .
  2. We can make money even in down market with stable coins .
  3. We can complete our need in those circumstances when we need money but we  have no buyer for our crypto assets .
  4.  We can make fiat value  of our crypto asset without selling then .
  5. Instant loan is a big part of such platforms because in few circumstances we our life enter in those situations where we need money but no one remain available to give loan to us .

Disadvantage of using Lending paltforms 

  1. Disclose of identity is main factor in these lending platform  . If someone want privacy with his identity in this online world then in that case he can’t go through these ways. but surely if we are in need then we have to give our identity & details to verify our account in formality of KYC and Anti money laundering verification purpose

  1. Hacking Issue is also a big thing in these platforms . No doubt few platforms have insurance of 100 million doller but still in many chances there exists a risk for us. As it remains not easy for person to claim his insurance money , so may be there can be some chance if something happen worste with them .

  1. Lock of your funds and assets . You can’t with do your fund at instant because in many platforms there are peer to peer system to lend and borrow the funds , so in that case if the person at another side will do late for confirmation and repayment then you can’t do anything . It will take long time of few days .
  2. Miss the selling opportunity : Suppose you have lended your assets at lending peer-to-peer platform then at time of the pump of market of your lended asset , you will not be able to sell at perfect time .

  1. High rate of interest :It is not best choice for us to take loan for long term because loan interest are very high . But still it will be a good choice to lend your assets for long term .


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