What is Vanity Bitcoin address ?


Those addresses which starts or end with a particular word , are known as Vanity Bitcoin address. 

You can say stylish or fancy Bitcoin addresss .

vanity bitcoin address

Here today in this article we will tell about the Vanity Bitcoin Address and also will tell how to create vanity Bitcoin address or wallet .

And also will tell that how much they are safe for use.

Vanity Bitcoin address or wallets 

Vanity Bitcoin address and wallet are made only to show off. Their function and protocol are exactly same as traditional wallet, so don’t think that these are something different from normal.

You can understand that how it can be much better than normal address by this example.

Suppose your Bitcoin address is 


Do you think that every person can identify that it is your address or something different in this Bitcoin address that can create is different level of show off in your friend circle? Of course No.

But in Vanity Bitcoin address generator you can get your own desired title name in prefix or/and suffix in your Bitcoin address.

In vanity form you can create your address like 


Of course here the address in vanity form is much attractive and creative.

How to create vanity Bitcoin address?

You can create in two ways. First way is through third party websites and second option is to create manually through your PC which is much safer.

Online Third party websites

There are few websites ( bitaddress.org ) available in internet that you can use to create, but we strongly recommend you to not to use any such kind of websites for such things because they can steal your money. 

Even with lots of risk, if you wanna create then you can see tutorial at YouTube regarding bitaddress.org , due to many secuirity isuues with online method , we cannot share with you.

Manual way to create vanity address 

You need to download a script and put in the common second in your PC.

You can down the script file from here follow the tutorial through the video given below .

Are Vanity Address safe?

If you are creating your vanity Bitcoin or any another crypto address from third party websites then we don’t think, that, it will be trusted for you in any way.

So better to go with manual way to create your vanity address Or leave your plan to have a vanity bitcoin address .

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