What Is Yield Farming?


Lending your cryptocurrency and get interest & fees in some cases, is known as Yield farming.

To understand Yield farming, it is not enough for us to read one line about Yield farming to know about it fully, because Yield farming involves many types of the things and terms that we need to  understand first.

So in this post, we will tell about 

What is Yield farming, How yield farming works and how you can make money with Yield farming.

And also we will tell about the list of Yield farming coins.

How Yield farming works?

Yield farming is a concept to lend your cryptocurrency to learn money. The concept of Yield farming came from Defi Project.

In Defi based project, we have option to buy & sell our coin without going through centralized exchange. In Defi based exchange we just need to swap our coin in the liquidity pool. That liquidity pool is govern by those people who invested their money in liquidity pool.

Those people who invest their fund in liquidity pool will get LP TOKENS. 

LP tokens helps us to earn money by stacking investment at their reference websites.

We Hope all of you understood about Yield farming working system.

Before to go with yield farming you need to know about Defi and liquidity pool system. If you knows already about it then it is good for you to understand that how this system is real and genuine but if you don’t know about it then it will be better to know about it by click here.

How much we can earn from Yield Farming?

Earning amount in Yield farming is not fixed. But according to our research and study in yield farming, you can earn 90% maximum of your investment in one way.

But as all of you knows very well about the cryptocurrency market that it can go up and it can go down any time. So , Nothing is fix.

Which coins are yield farming coins?

Almost all the coins which are available at liquidity pool can be use for yield farming.

But here we would strongly recommend that before to go with the yield farming for any particular coin, do your own research because everything in this world has its own pros and cons, so better to investigate properly about hidden things.

Who can invest in Yield farming?

Every person who want to invest his money in yield farming can invest.

But we strongly recommend you to invest in those situation if you have decent amount of fund in your pocket and wallet to pay high gas fees.

If you are thinking that you will invest $100-200, then forget about it.

It always remain better to invest around $500 in Yield farming for better return. 

Because during the whole process of investment in yield farming, we need to pay $40 approx as fees/gas charge, so it will take very long time to return your investment in worst situations.

How to invest in yield farming?

To invest in yield farming, you need to follow step by step tutorial, if you are beginner.

But if you are experienced and expert to create LP token, then it will be better to visit at LP token investment/stacking website , which are these two

There are also another platforms available in internet world but we already tried these websites, so we recommends to you . 

Since you can search for another best websites which can be even more better than these two .

If you are begginer then follow the tutorial in the video below.

Video Tutorial
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