BitcoinX A Biggest Scam Of Cryptocurrency History


BitcoinX is a forked coin of Bitcoin. On 28 December 2017 a fork happened in Bitcoin and that resulted in BitcoinX coin.

The official thread about BitcoinX coin can be seen here.

But here in the present time a website (scam) is claiming that they are official BitcoinX and they are now launching the BitcoinX coin from a new phase.

fake bitcoinx roadmap

Probably this is going to be a Biggest scam in this field of cryptocurrency.

And also many people will lose their trust with Bitcoin after this scam. Because all their work is totally based upon donations from people and they have a very active team who is taking care that no one can spam against them.

We can see they have a telegram group for BitcoinX coin. Since the fake team of BitcoinX is ready on the telegram group. But they are only removing those users, who are talking about the ( official website of BitcoinX coin).

A small point of the doubt against members who are joining the group will be kicked out and banned permanently from their telegram group.

donation for bitcoinx

We also can see that they have a donation option. They provided a donation address at their website. Where they are asking to deposit Bitcoin and binance coins. They are claiming that they will build a powerful Network of the blockchain technology for BitcoinX coin.

They are claiming that Bitcoin is no longer a better option to use as a payment option and another purpose for small transactions. So they are using BitcoinX to make it able to use against Bitcoin.

fake bitcoinx buy tutorial at pancakeswap

We also can see that they are claiming that they are going to launch BitcoinX coin on pancake swap exchange and even we can buy bitcoinx right now.

So here we can see how they are wisely doing their work.

A big proof of their scam of BitcoinX coin launch is the official announcement. At the official thread of bitcoinX on bitcointalk, no announcement is available.

As all of us know about ( official community forum of the Bitcoin team). There is no announcement or discussion regarding BitcoinX launch or relaunch.

So clearly we can see, how few people are scamming with the name of BitcoinX coins. These scammers are using only the trust of Bitcoin.

But here it is our duty to share these types of scam that are going on. If we will share these types of scams with our friends then in that situation we will be able to make this cryptocurrency field more friendly. Otherwise people will hate this field of cryptocurrency.

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