Centralized Services Will Stay Here, Says Binance CEO


Binance Exchange CEO recently shared his views on the CeFi & DeFi industry. He also shared how they handle the new currency listings on the exchange.

Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange, and its services are excellent for all types of crypto customers to engage in crypto asset trading. Furthermore, this exchange seeks to make its crypto services, even more, better than other crypto services.

On December 30th, the CEO of Binance Exchange Changpeng Zhao appeared on the video “Hot Seat with CZ” on Binance Exchange’s official YouTube channel.

Zhao explained in the video how to deal with various activities against Binance Exchange on Twitter platforms and how centralized crypto services can live over decentralized services in the long run.

Zhao commented that there is a great need for centralized services to connect the crypto industry with the traditional economy.

Zhao noted that a variety of risks are possible in this crypto industry due to the involvement of bad actors who engage in illegal activities using crypto. Shao said the crypto industry was still in its infancy by taking such risky things.

The CEO of Binance explained in response to a question from a Twitter user that all the coins were counterfeit. Zhao pointed out that there are very limited rules for listing new currencies on the exchange.

To this Zhao said:

“Binance lists six or seven hundred coins, probably out of 6 million, so only one of the 10,000 coins created so far will be listed in Binance‌, which is about 0.01%. This is a very small number.”

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