Dogelon: A new Era of Meme coin in crypto space?


Dogelon is getting huge popularity amid an ongoing trend of the meme coins like DogeCoin, Shiba Inu crypto assets. 

Every crypto trader in the crypto industry knows very well how Tesla & SpaceX CEO Elon Musk support and pump DogeCoin to the moon. But after Elon Musk supported DogeCoin, several high minded people launched DogeCoin inspired memes. The best-known examples are baby doge, doge2.0, Dogelon, Floki. However, here we will not talk about the Shiba inu coin because it is already an old coin and launched several years ago before this meme coin trend. 

On 30 October, the “Dogelon Mars” coin hit its all-time high of October month with a price of $0.0000023. However, this coin is currently at $0.00000179 ( at the time of writing this article). 

If we look at the overall growth on this coin, then we will find that the Dogelon Return on Investment since its launching is more than 229 times. 

Is Dogelon worth it? 

No doubt that most of the meme coins are just shit and nothing. If we talk about in particular then after DogeCoin, it is Shiba inu which has its swap but in actuality, there is no use case but popularly known as DogeCoin rival and also it is above DogeCoin by market cap. 

And here the case of Dogelon also doesn’t have its significance from the point of use cases. But it is all about trends and this trend may push this coin toward any other high level. 

On 29 & 30 October, Dogelon gained a huge surge. But all was because of its & OKEx exchange listing. 

It is worth noting that is a highly reputed crypto exchange & wallet but still listed Dogelon. Probably the whole matter lies in the funding to list a particular coin. 

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