Edward Snowden warned Shiba crypto investors


Former NSA agent consultant warned his followers on the Shiba inu coin trend in the crypto market to save precious earnings. 

In the present time Shiba Is still at a high price, even big crypto players trolled Shiba. For example, Crypto influencers Elon Musk and Anthony Pompliano refused to go with Shiba Coin Investment. Pompliano described Shiha as Dog Poo. But still, the trend of the Shiba inu coin is not going to stop at any point. Every day a new percentage of growth can be seen. Even today at the time of writing this article, the price of Shiba is 5% over yesterday’s surge. 

Edward Snowden recently talked about this ongoing trend of meme coins in the crypto industry. 

Edward is a former NSA agent consultant & also he is a crypto inclined personality in the crypto space. 

According to Edward, Shiba is just a meme coin and nothing. People should be careful about their earnings. 

Through the statements, we can see that he didn’t try to troll the crypto Investors in Shiba inu Investment. He only warned over the financial sacrifices that they are doing with Shiba coin Investment. 

Crypto influencer Pompliano on Shiba 

According to Anthony Pompliano, there are no reasons to buy Shiba inu coin because there are no development works and also there is no concept use case with the Shiba inu coin. 

Shina coin supporters 

There are huge numbers of crypto investors and influencers, which are criticizing Shiba and meme coins but there are few crypto inclined companies, services & firms, which are adopting this trend as a new crypto payments option. 

In the latest, AMC Entertainment asked the crypto community for the Shiba inu coin support. And the irony is, more than 80% of people are supporting this initiative. 

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