Elon Musk doesn’t believe in the Shiba Inu like coins


Elon Musk indicated that he will never suggest anyone to invest in Shiba Inu like assets. 

ElonMusk is a biggest supporter of DogeCoin and the whole crypto space knows very well how Elon pumped DogeCoin and made many people rich. 

Besides DogeCoin, we know about the other crypto assets like Shiba Inu coin, Floki coin, Baby doge etc. These are those coins, which got shouted out by Elon Musk from time to time and achieved a better push. 

On 25 October, One of the Shiba Inu coin lovers asked Elon Musk how much he holds Shiba Inu. Then Elon Musk replied “None”. 

After that, another Twitter user asked, “what about Floki”. Then Elon Musk explained perfectly about his holding. 

Elon Musk said that he is holding dogecoin, Ethereum & Bitcoin only. And he believes that investing in such flashing assets is much better than farming in multiple crypto assets. 

Elon also indicated through his statement that Shiha inu like coins have no use case to humans. 

Risk in crypto investment

Through the recent statement, Elon Musk tried to remind people that already Elon Musk said that Crypto assets are very volatile and we should remain aware of crypto if we can’t afford to lose. 

Here the statement of Elon Musk is fully parallel to the revealed crypto assets holdings that he told in the Bitcoin virtual meeting a few months back. 

Elon Musk on DogeCoin

One of the users asked Elon Musk about his interaction with the DogeCoin developer team regarding NFTs integration. 

Then, Elon Musk denied such things and claimed that fees of DogeCoin and block time were reduced and this is what we need. 

In response to this tweet of Elon Musk, a past DogeCoin developer replied, we don’t need complexity in the DogeCoin & also we don’t need any third-party blockchain network to host NFTs. 

This tweet of @BillyM2K fully supported by Elon Musk and also this thing confirms that the DogeCoin dev team is no longer working on The Doge-Ethereum NFTs bridge for NFTs support.

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