Earn 6.6% On Your TRX Holdings


In this article we will guide you to freeze your TRX coins to get more than 6.5% interest per year.

Here we will not share any type of investment plan. This plan of earnings interest is totally genuine and trusted.

So don’t think that this is going to be any Ponzi scheme or money rotation scheme.

Necessary Things Before To Go With This Plan

First of all you need to install a Tronlink wallet. Make sure that you followed the steps of  phrase backup or private key backup of your Tronlink wallet.

And also you should have all TRX in your Tronlink wallet.

If you are 100% sure with these necessary recommendations, then follow the tutorial given below.

And also you should be careful that you can’t unfreeze your TRX before 3 days of investment.

Tutorial To Freeze TRX In Tronlink Wallet To Get Interest 

Step 1

Open your wallet and click at Freeze button ( see in picture).

Step 2 

Enter your 80% of TRX amount ( For example if you have 100TRX in wallet then enter 80 TRX)  in first block and then click at Freeze>> confirm >> enter password>> Done

Note: Make sure you should you are freezing for energy ( button against energy should be on, not on bandwidth)

Now come back to the homepage, by clicking the back button.

Step 3

Click at Freeze button and then click at bandwidth button

Now enter 20% of your remaining TRX and then click at Freeze>>confirm>> enter password>> Done

Now come back to the homepage by clicking at the back button of your mobile.

Step 4

Now click at the vote button and choose that interest plan which is giving a high interest rate.

For example in this given picture Poloniex is paying 6.16% ( it can vary day by day) and Rest of them are not paying high.

While for more interest rate you can scroll down, maybe you can get.

Let’s assume here we selected JD investment, you can choose according to what you like according to interest rate.

Step 5 

Now enter the vote amount.

Total vote amount you can vote is equal to the number of TRX your freezed.

You have to enter total no. Of maximum vote to get a better return.

( You can check your available votes that you can wait by click at the vote button from homepage)

Step 6

Now you will get your daily reward. 

And you can claim your reward daily ( preferred to claim after every 10-15 days).

To claim your reward click at claim reward >>confirm>>password>>enter password>>Done

If you are facing any type of problem at any step or have any type of confusion then comment below?

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