Elon Musk Is Working On Efficiency Of DogeCoin Transaction


Elon Musk tweeted yesterday on 14 May to not accept Bitcoin as payment option in Tesla to sell their vehicles.

And also Elon Musk indicated that they will use the Bitcoin alternative that will be more efficient in terms of transaction fees and also environment friendly.

After this tweet by Elon Musk, Many people were guessing that Elon Musk can announce  other coins like Ripple , Monero or Ethereum.

And the most probable coin was DogeCoin to accept as payment option in Tesla Company.

But today in the early morning the biggest news we can see is through the twitter account of Elon Musk. 

Elon Musk tweeted  

” Working with Doge Dev’s to improve system transaction efficiency. Potentially promising”.

So through this tweet a clear indication is, Tesla will use DogeCoin as a cryptocurrency payment option in future. 

Right now even in the present time DogeCoin is not the best coin in terms of transaction efficiency.

Since this field of cryptocurrency market is full of good and high efficiency coins in terms of transactions like solana, Tron etc.

But here it is the love of Elon Musk with DogeCoin. Elon Musk himself knows very well that there are many coins in this field of cryptocurrency which are much better than DogeCoin, So he is now working with the developer team of DogeCoin to make the most promising cryptocurrency.

So here we can see that Elon Musk accepted that DogeCoin is not a much better coin. And it needs improvement.

Elon Musk knows very well that, In Cryptocurrency market, that project can attract people, which are better or something unique.

So right now Elon Musk is working on the improvement of the DogeCoin system with Doge Devs to make it more efficient.

Dogecoin Alternative In Present Time 

As already we explained in the above paragraph that there are many good crypto coins in the cryptocurrency market which are responsible for the fastest transaction at low cost.

Here we are talking about the TRX coin. 

Tron Coin (TRX) is really a good coin in terms of confirmation speed and efficiency in terms of transaction fees.

Before the TRC-20 network of Tron coin, everyone in the cryptocurrency field was restricted to use the ERC-20 network where transactions were very slow and fees were very high.

But after the entry of the TRC-20 network of Tron coin, Everyone in this field of cryptocurrency can do transactions in a very small interval of time.

So here in our opinion TRX coin is the best alternative choice of DogeCoin or any other coin to use as payment option by Tesla company.

But here no one can control Elon Musk’s decision or love that he has with DogeCoin.

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