In the present time the price of DogeCoin is increasing rapidly. The dump can be seen in the DogeCoin market because of panic sales by people.

Here we will explain how people can earn free DogeCoin from DogeCoin faucet websites without any panic of price fluctuation in DogeCoin price.

Here in this article we have listed only those DogeCoin faucet websites which are genuinely paying to their users and are tested by many people.

So before knowing about the best DogeCoin faucet, first we will explain about the working concept of DogeCoin faucet or any other coin faucet so that every person who has less trust with faucet websites can trust.

So if you don’t want to know the working protocol system of faucet websites then you can skip the first two paragraphs of this article.

What Are Cryptocurrency Faucet Websites?

Cryptocurrency faucet websites are those websites which collect free coins from the coin’s team and then they redistribute those coins to the visitors ( usually registered users) to their faucet websites.

In many cases it may not be true that the coins that are redistributed by the faucet websites are donated by the coin’s team.

There are many faucet websites which are distributing free coins to users at their own cost. 

For example, the most popular and most trusted faucet website in the cryptocurrency market is This faucet website has been paying free Satoshi to their users for a long time. Freebitco website has no donation or partnership with the Bitcoin team which is anonymous to this cryptocurrency world.

Why Faucet Websites Are Distributing Free Coins?

There are two possible reasons to distribute free coins to the users who are interested in getting free coins.

First reason is advertisement of cryptocurrency or we can say it is part of airdrop, So that people keep visiting the faucet website and share coin’s faucet website with their friends. 

In this way the coin’s team can getting lots of attraction to their coin’s project.

Second reason is to get traffic on their website. Many faucet websites are distributing free coins to their users and getting very high traffic at their faucet website daily.

Purpose of getting high traffic by faucet websites is to serve their service or advertisement of third party services to make money.

Dogecoin Faucets List

DogeCoin faucet is the best way to earn free DogeCoins. In the present time people are looking for best methods to make earning doge coins without risk. 

So here in our opinion, DogeCoin faucet is the best option to get doge coins free of cost.

Here is the best and genuine list of free DogeCoin faucets to make free doge coins easily without any tedious tasks.


To get a free DogeCoin coin through faucet, is the best website.

dogecoin faucet

At this faucet website you can get free doge coins every three hour. 

Simply place your DogeCoin address in the first box and then fill the captcha by clicking “ I am not robot.

If you want to get notification after three hour then you can add your email id in the second box ( which is optional).

Per hour we can make 0.00023032Ð. And when it reaches minimum 2 Doge coin then it will automatically get credited to the DogeCoin address.

2. DogeCoin Faucet Android App

DogeCoin Faucet Free DogeCoin named app is available at playstore.

dogecoin faucet app

This is a very simple app to use to claim free Doge coin.

This Doge coin faucet app is genuine and working. Many people give reviews about this app.

 Update: Recently many people are giving negative reviews regarding payout. Most of the users have claimed that their payout request is pending since one month. Since we talked about it directly to the team support. They said that they are getting very high traffic at their app and few of them are trying to use bot software to loot DogeCoin automatically. So they suspended all payout requests and now they are checking manually about the history activity of all users so they are taking too long a time. 

So here we would like to suggest use this app at your own cost of time.

3. ClaimFreeCoins Faucet

This website is popular to distribute many types of coins including DogeCoin. 

claimfreecoins dogecoin faucet

This website is genuine and 100% trusted ( according to reviews by people at social media). 

At ClaimFreeCoins. we claim up to 0.04 Dogecoin every 5 mins.

And also we can get a 50% refferal commision to refer with other people who are interested in free DogeCoin earning.

But here we would like to inform you that they have some cloud mining services link at their website so don’t get into any type Investment in their plan because they can be part of a scam. 

Related: what is cloud mining? Are they safe?

4. Faucet

This website is not very popular or old for DogeCoin faucet websites. dogecoin Faucet

Since this website is not much trusted because not many people are using it.

But at present they are really paying to their users. So be careful to use this DogeCoin faucet website. 

Always keep your eye open at reviews on social media platforms about their payout proofs. claims that their users can get upto 1000 doge’s every day in 60 minutes.

But here we want to warn our visitors that don’t use their paid service regarding cloud mining tools.

5. DogeBuzz Faucet

Doge Buzz is the best DogeCoin faucet website. This website is 100% trusted and tested. 

Doge Buzz dogecoin faucet

According to DogeBuzz, Per claim  they give 0.1 Doge coin and claims are unlimited.

Users are not restricted to claim every time. They can earn through referral commission by 35%.

Beside free DogeCoin faucet reward they are offering premium faucet service also.

In premium membership we can make 5-400 DogeCoin per claim depending upon the membership level.

6. Autofaucet To Get Free Doge Coins

Autofaucet is also the best website to earn free DogeCoin. 

Beside DogeCoin there are multiple coins which can be earned through the autofaucet website. 

People are giving good reviews on social media. 

Autofaucet dogecoin faucet

Since no one in our contact used this website but this faucet website has good ratings at many websites. 

Even this faucet has many reviews at Bitcointalk forum which are in favour of Autofaucet website.

So it is better to use Autofaucet.

F&Q About DogeCoin Faucet Free DogeCoin Earning

Q.1 What is DogeCoin faucet?

Answer: A faucet website that pays their visitors free DogeCoin is known as DogeCoin faucet.

Q.2  How to mine on instant DogeCoin faucet?

Answer: We can’t mine DogeCoin at DogeCoin faucet website. DogeCoin faucets are  made only  to distribute free Doge coins to their users and if any DogeCoin faucet website is claiming that they are offering mining service of DogeCoin then that is totally a part of ponzi scheme. Because they offer cloud mining plans which are part of money rotation. Read about cloud mining  scams here.

Q.3 DogeCoin faucet how does it work?

Answer: DogeCoin faucet distribute free Doge coins to their users to get traffic easily at their faucet website. And this traffic helps the faucet website’s owner to get revenue from advertisement of third party services banners.

Q.4 How fast is DogeCoin faucet?

Answer: The speed of earnings and payout varies from website to website. The minimum threshold to get  free DogeCoin on is 2 DOGE. And it can take 1 to 2 day minimum to reach a minimum payout amount.

Q.5 How does it take for DogeCoin to be added to the wallet from faucet?

Answer: Usually transactions are instant after reaching the threshold amount of earning in the faucet website. But in some cases there are chances of occurrence of delay by the faucet website team.

And to show that the received balance in the wallet will depend upon the number of confirmations. Usually Binance shows balance after 20 confirmations.

Usually it takes 1 minute to confirm one block in Doge Coin. So we can expect a minimum of 20 minutes. 

This time of 20 minute can extend to ½ hour or 1 hour also in some particular cases. This delay  is part of multiple transactions at the same time by many people.

Q.6 Is it worth to earn free DogeCoin at faucet websites?

Answer: No, Because time is money. Payouts value of DogeCoin faucets websites remain always very low.

But if someone has not much better idea of earnings and initial investment fund in pocket then that person can go with faucet websites.

And he can hold the faucet assets to sell in pump situation of the coin 

Q.7 Are there other ways of earning free DogeCoin or other coins without Investment.

Answer: Yes, There are many ways like Airdrop, signature campaign etc. To know more  about the ways to earn free cryptocurrency by click here.

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