Beside Bitcoin or Ethereum like cryptocurrency there are many cryptocurrencies that can be the best option to buy for the long term.

For a long time people have been doing blind investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum like high priced coins. These people are not looking toward the best alternative option in cryptocurrency. They are blindly following big whales and buying Bitcoin and Ethereum like coins.

Here we have provided a list of the best Investment options that can help us to multiply money in cryptocurrency easily.

Polkadot And Cardano

Polkadot ( DOT ) and Cardano ( ADA ) both are best coins to invest for the long term. Gavin Wood and Charles Hoskinson are the founders of these two coins respectively.

But the interesting thing about both of these two people is, both of them were co-founder of Ethereum coin.

Both of these two people saw limitations in the technology of Ethereum and created their own own coin.

No doubt that these two coins are competitors of Ethereum coin.

So it is much better for us if we can go with the Investment of polkadot and Cardano coin.

In the present time the price of Cardano ( ADA) is approximately $1.6 and PolkaDot price is $39.

Trust Wallet Token And Swipe Coin

Trust wallet token ( TWT) and Swipe coin ( SXP) both are best coins. Because the price of these two coins are not much high. If we can buy these two coins for the long term then it will be a profitable option for us.

TWT is a coin of Trust wallet. In the present time ownership of the Trust Wallet service is under Binance company.

And SXP coin is also a coin which is under the ownership of Binance Exchange.

As all of us in the cryptocurrency field know very well that in the present time BINANCE is the king of cryptocurrency Exchanges.

And every project which are under Binance Exchange are growing day by day rapidly.

In the present time the price of TWT coin is $1 and of SXP coin is $5.

These are totally blind options to choose as Investment.

Tronlink BitTorrent And WinkLink Coin

Tronlink ( TRX) , BitTorrent ( BTT) and Wink ( WIN) have the same founder. Justin Sun is the founder of these coins. Justin Sun is also a computer program developer.

After entry of TRX in cryptocurrency market, we are able to make transactions with high confirmation speed at low transaction fees.

Trx coin has its own TRC-20 network which is much similar to ERC-20.

Almost all genuine cryptocurrency are going on the TRC-20 network so that people can use coins with less transaction fees easily.

In the present time price of TRX is $0.15, BTT price is $0.0078 and the price of WINk coin is $0.0013.

So if any person can go with the Investment with these coins then he can multiply his Investment into 100 times easily within 2-3 years.

Digibyte Coin 

Digibyte ( DGB coin)  has a brilliant team and its team never did big fund investment in their project because they believe that Digibyte is a much better coin then another existing coin and also if anything is good & affordable then people will use it.

According to analysis of TrueBitcoiner Trading Experts, Digibyte is one of the best coins to choose for the transaction of your fund from one cryptocurrency exchange to another. Because Digibyte is a low priced coin and has much stability in price. Its price is increasing slowly from time to time. No hype or news are responsible for the increased price of this coin. 

This coin proved that even with less economic support we can create a better cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In the present time the price of DGB coin is $0.15 which is a very low price according to the technology of Digibyte coin.

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