To invest in Bitcoin in the present time for 5 to 10 years is profitable or not? This is a very basic question that people ask.

Actually we can’t directly answer this question because the question is incomplete without a description of the investor whether investor have long term vision really or he wants also to go with short term and what are his profit target. 

We meant that first of all any new Investor in Bitcoin should have a clear vision whether he is looking to make profit by double, triple, 10× or 100×. 

So the answer will be different for different types of investors. 

In our opinion there are three types of people in the cryptocurrency field. 

In the first category there are those people who don’t know about Bitcoin and they want just Invest in Bitcoin without knowing about the future.

In the second category there are those people who know very well about Bitcoin and its history but want to know about the expected returns of Investment in Bitcoin.

In the third category there are those people who want to multiply their Investment into multiple times and they are thinking of investing in Bitcoin because bitcoin’s price is increasing more rapidly than any other coin.

So here we will give answers one by one according to people’s needs.

Bitcoin Investment By Noobs 

Many people even in the present time exist who don’t know much about Bitcoin. But they know very well that if they invested in Bitcoin 10 year ago then they will be a billionaire or millionaire in the present time.

But now they don’t want to wait anymore, they want Invest in Bitcoin for 5 to 10 years to become rich.

So these people have a single question “should I invest in Bitcoin for 10 year or more”.

Here the answer is “Yes”.

Without any full knowledge a person can easily buy Bitcoin for long term with very less chances of loss. Because they have a very high level of trust and support in this field of cryptocurrency and this makes Bitcoin a profitable investment.

But here it should be noticed by a Bitcoin Investor that Bitcoin can’t achieve that level of price increment because it is already overhyped and in present time numbers of another cryptocurrency are available as an alternative option to Bitcoin. 

So don’t assume your Bitcoin Investment will turn into 100 times in such a long term.

Since it is possible that it can give 100 times or more but chances are very less because of the availability of multiple best cryptocurrency in comparison to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Investment By Well Rounded People

Well rounded people means these are those people who know very well that how the history of Bitcoin achievement.

So these are those people who know very well about Bitcoin. 

But they want to multiply their money by 100 to 1000 times in 5 to 10 years.

But these people have the same question ” should we go with Investment in Bitcoin, will it be beneficial to turn profit into a very high return”.

Here the answer is “NO”.

And here the reason is the same, Bitcoin’s value is already high and now it will not grow rapidly. 

For such people we recommend to go with another’s coins like Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Polkadot, ADA, SXP, TWT like coins.

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In such a long term these can easily give 100 times profit in 10 years.

Bitcoin Investment By Bitcoin Believer

Bitcoin believers are those people who know about Bitcoin 100% and they can’t see alternatives to Bitcoin.

Even these types of people know very well about the history of Bitcoin’s price fluctuation from low to high and vice versa. But still they want to go with Bitcoin to turn their Investment into 1,000 to 10,000 times which is not possible in such 5-10 year time. 

So it is much better for these people to go with Investment in those coins which are really a good alternative to Bitcoin and other high profile cryptocurrencies.

These types of people who have a hard belief in Bitcoin should go with additional Investment in TRX, BTT, WIN, SXP, BTG, XRP, ADA, TWT like coins. These are coins which have very low price values but very high levels of trust in the crypto community.

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