How To Swap coins at justswap desktop only?


Swap coin from one token coin to another or vice versa is now in trend because this is new thing in 2020 to use.


Many types of coins are available in crypto market which are totally based on swapping the coin. So here we will talk about how to swap coin  in multiple platform.

What is meaning of Swap the coin

Swap  means swap your coin. 

This is a concept of Defi where we don’t need to place any type of buy and sell order to buy & sell of coins.

We just need to swap the coin with another coin through swapping platform.

List of trusted platforms to swap your coin &

These are best and popular platform in the preset time to swap your coins.

Use Metamask

Swapping coin is not a big deal or any tedious task because you can follow any type tutorial available at youtube.

But keep in mind that don’t use those another options which are alternative of metamask because the main reason is security of your fund.

And also download recommended metamask extension from official website instead to go with third party. safe link 

Tutorial video to swap coins at desktop

Keep Safety Of your fund with swap

Everyone knows very well that we should always go with official things to use but here a big thing that is safety issue with swapping the coin is development.

Swapping coins systems are not much developed, so do not swap your coins with very high amount of fund.

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