What is IEO ?


IEO means Initial Exchange Offering.

initial exchange offering

IEO entered after many types of scam ICOs projects. If you don’ know about ICO projects then click here to know about it in more details .

How IEO works

IEO is also a type of ICO project. But here we have more safety with our investment. 

All the system of the IEO projects are similar to ICOs project.

In IEO project we get all the coins at a exchange website.

So in this way we get surety with our investment in a coin project that we will get better return because the coin is already listed at exchange .

If you don’t know about ICOs project then you can see about it here.

Difference between ICOs and IEOs project

Both are almost same, but here in Iris project we get coin token at exchange directly.

And our trust with exchange that they will not do any type of scam helps these project to raise crowd fund easily.

IEOs are trusted

No, all IEOs are not trusted.

Since here in Iris project there are very less chance of scam but few low level exchange owner gets into contact with worst type of coin project team, who came in this field only to steal our money.

So don’t go with any IEOs project. 

Do your own research about that project thoroughly and than decide whether the project is really better?

Or they are just garbage in crypto market.

Alternative of IEOs

Yes, there is alternative of IEOs project.

Alternative of IEOs project is STO.

If you want to know about STOs project then click here to know about it in very detail.

Keep in mind, before to go with any type of investment , do lots of research and details knowledge.

Don’t go with hype.

Use your own mind whether that particular project have potential in actual or not.

And then decide whether you should invest or not .

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