Noising Bitcoin mining operations Sue in Tennessee


A lawsuit filed against a bitcoin mining firm because of the high Increasing noise pollution because of mining rigs, in Tennessee. 

In the present time Bitcoin mining is becoming a problem for the mining firms because on one side they need high power rigs & on the other they have to spend huge electricity charges. Additionally these mining firms are responsible for the environment & noise pollution.

However, there are many blockchain and crypto firms, which are working to fix the environmental problem of the Bitcoin mining operations but noise pollution is hard to fix. 

In the latest, a Mining firm in Tennessee is getting issues because of their Noise pollution in the surrounding areas. The neighborhood living people raised issues and filed complaints against mining firm operator, Red Dog.

According to Plaintiffs, Mining firms are misusing the property and they are also in the controversial zone, which is not allowed for the mining or data centres. 

Washington County Mayor Joe Grandy, also was informed about this matter in June 2021, regarding the issues of the Mining operations. 

Red Dog claimed that they tried to reduce the noise pollution because of their mining operations. But the local authorities were not satisfied with that. 

Amid ongoing scrutinities issues, Red Dog is looking for a better zone for the friendly bitcoin mining operations. 

China on Crypto mining

In the middle of this year, China banned crypto mining operations along with the crypto trading activities. 

And the main concern of the mining ban by China was the huge electricity shortage and environmental pollution. 

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, also supported the move of Chinese authorities to ban crypto and said that Many of Chinese cities are facing electricity shortages. 

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