Portugal real-estate company sold 2 luxury houses for Cardano


Prometheus International started to accept crypto payments to buy and sell properties directly. They chose Cardano in particular.

In the present time, there are huge numbers of companies and institutions, which are accepting crypto payments. However, these companies are not getting much volume of customers in crypto but still, they are allowing their customers to pay in crypto because they know very well that crypto assets are the future if they can be used perfectly in our daily life. 

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In the latest, Prometheus International, a real estate company is in the spotlight for their sale of house properties for Cardano, the third-largest crypto asset in the crypto market. 

Reportedly, Prometheus sold two luxurious houses for €4.1 million worth of ADA coin, the native token of the Cardano project. 

Priyesh Patel, CEO of Prometheus sold, shared his excitement about adopting the crypto assets in the form of payment and elaborated about their initiative 

“We positioned ourselves to be attractive to all markets and the current revolution is the cryptocurrency”

Mr Patel revealed that the anonymous buyer bought Cardano ( ADA) in September ADA at $0.06 per ADA. And now he bought two luxury houses because of the increased price. And that person sold his ADA coin at $3 in August. 

“We positioned ourselves to be attractive to all markets and the current revolution is the cryptocurrency.”

Patel also revealed about other anonymous buyers, who are holding and waiting for AdA to touch at $5. 

Crypto adoption Mortgage 

One of the big companies of United States Mortgage started to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum like crypto assets for their services but later the company revoked their plan. Because the company said that they were not getting a better volume of customers. Rarely, 6 customers, they got in over three months of the period. 

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