$SHIB Army Upset With Kraken For Not Keeping Word To List the Popular Meme Coin


Kraken, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, has revealed that it will not list meme-induced cryptocurrency Shiba Inu ($SHIB), citing reworking on requirements and how the exchange will move it through its inventory review process.

In a tweet, the so-called Kraken SHIBarmy revealed that they had heard about their intention to list cryptocurrency on the exchange  “but the community is an important part of our consideration for all listings”.

In the previous week, Kraken tweeted that it plans to list meme-inspired cryptocurrency and asked investors for opinions on whether they would like to see cryptocurrency trading on the social media platform.

After Kraken called Shiba supporters to support the idea on Twitter and hinted that Kraken product lead Brian Hoffmann would add Shib to the platform if the tweet asking about it received more than 2,000 likes to which the so-called SHIBArmy ran in complete support.

Two days after the tweet was published, Kraken’s tweet received 60,000 likes, while already reaching the 2,000 likes target in just 20 minutes. At the time, SHIB supporters were urging others to “make some noise” for the listing on Kraken.

As reported earlier, Shiba Inu cryptocurrency supporters are also fighting for the listing on Robinhood (NASDAQ: Hood), a commission-free trading platform. Through a petition with 497,000 signatures, “Kindly request Robinhood to list Shiba Inu”.

In response to Kraken’s failure to list cryptocurrencies, some users asked why SHIB would list if the platform did not want to do so, while others urged the community to be patient. A Kraken spokesman who spoke with Business Insider said the community engagement listing was “just a part” of the listing process and is “very comprehensive.”

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