SK Telecom and Aptos/Atomrigs Lab are collaborating to introduce the Web3 wallet


The South Korean telecom giant signed a tripartite deal with the blockchain firms in an effort to increase its “affiliations with customer-preferred mainnets and decentralized applications.”

SK Telecom (SKT), a major provider of telecommunications services in South Korea, has revealed that it would be launching a Web3 wallet service called T wallet in conjunction with layer-1 mainnet developers Aptos Labs and Atomrigs Lab.

The plan for SK Telecom to release a blockchain wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs was first announced in July of 2022. This project was first launched by SKT’s blockchain division, which teamed up with AhnLab Blockchain Company and Atomix Lab to create and manage a Web3 wallet.

With this tripartite arrangement with the blockchain businesses, SKT hopes to increase its “affiliations with customer-preferred mainnets and decentralized applications,” as stated in the company’s most recent release.

As our first blockchain integration outside of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), SKT is dedicated to providing a seamless and protected Web3 experience for our users via our partnership with Aptos.

SKT promised in an official tweet to provide users with a safe and reliable Web3 experience. Aptos’ MoveVM blockchain technology will be used by T wallet, and T wallet will be integrated into Aptos’ DApp ecosystem as part of the collaboration.

The National Tax Service (NTS) of South Korea has announced that more than 70% of foreign assets held by South Korean citizens are held in cryptocurrencies.

Data from the government shows that 5,419 businesses have acknowledged having abroad bank accounts with a combined total of 186.4 trillion won ($140 million) in assets such as equities, cryptocurrency, deposits, and savings.

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