The Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Is Being Enhanced By OASYS And Singularity


Together, Oasys and Singularity provide players a streamlined cross-chain payment solution that streamlines the buying and selling of virtual services.

With the announcement of their partnership, Oasys, the gaming-specific blockchain, and Singularity, a cross-chain payment solution, have raised the bar for online gaming payments. A press statement viewed by Cryptopolitan states that the introduction of a unified payment system thanks to this agreement marks a major step forward in the integration of blockchain technology inside the gaming community. Therefore, both players and developers in the Oasys ecosystem may anticipate a streamlined transaction process.

Oasys is famous for its customized blockchain that caters exclusively to the demands of game creators, giving a scalable Layer 1 hub with specialized Layer 2 solutions. Its framework encourages the development of reliable, safe, and compatible gaming experiences. Oasys is at the very edge of game innovation because to the backing of industry titans like SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games on the Web3.

The partnership makes it simpler than ever to exchange assets, make NFT transactions, and use alternative payment methods. As a result, it breaks down the barriers that have existed across different gaming systems for a long time. This project has the potential to significantly improve the user experience while interacting with in-game economy, making purchases a breeze like never before.

At the basis of our cooperation is an emphasis on utility and convenience. Oasys plans to automate the process of exchanging tokens and switching networks by incorporating Singularity’s payment system. As a result, this greatly streamlines the payment process, making it possible to buy NFTs or tokens in any Verses of the ecosystem using a wide variety of ways, including common fiat currencies.

In addition, Oasys’ dedication to providing a consistent user experience is strengthened by the relationship. The platform allows designers to build games with ease for a wide audience by abstracting away the complexities of networking. Oasys’s reach and attractiveness are also boosted by the addition of fiat payments inside the Verses, which might bring a new demographic of players into the fold.

The synergy between Oasys and Singularity isn’t only interesting in theory; it’s also showing promise in the real world. Singularity’s NFT Checkout solution will soon be integrated into 9Lives Arena, an online role-playing game based on the HOME Verse of Oasys.

Oasys also solves problems specific to developing games on the blockchain. To achieve this goal, it places a premium on creating conditions that are friendly to both players and programmers in terms of game distribution and creation. Oasys’s network is supported by gamers, its scalability is supported by AAA game creators, and its blockchain is designed with the user in mind, guaranteeing a top-notch experience with instant transactions and no gas costs.

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