What Is Bitcointalk.org ? Learn How To Earn With Bitcointalk


Bitcointalk.org is an official website which is owned by the team of Bitcoin.

Since no one knows exactly behind the team of Bitcoin. But still there are many modes where the Bitcoin team always remains active to inform us about new developments and updates in Bitcoin and Bitcoin forked Blockchain.

Bitcointalk.org is an official forum of Bitcoin where people are allowed to discuss Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency related information.

Many people think that bitcointalk.org is a shit community and no significance to use as a cryptocurrency user.

But this is a big misconception and understanding by such people. 

In actuality bitcointalk is an option to remain always up-to-date with news regarding Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

User interface and strict rules of bitcointalk can make you irritated but if you come to know about the real potential of bitcointalk.org community then you will surely try to go with bitcointalk community. 

At bitcointalk.org, You will not only be able to make learning but also you can make earning in multiple ways.

So lets talk about Bitcointalk.org community of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users one by one.

Bitcoin Related New Updates 

As we already said in the above paragraph, Bitcointalk.org is an official community of Bitcoin. 

And it is fully supported by the Bitcoin team.

So any type of new update regarding Bitcoin like wallet update, programming update with fork, Bitcoin hard fork or soft fork, Bitcoin Halving or  any type of new things which are related with Bitcoin can be seen there.

Bitcoin Related Problems And Solution 

If you are facing any type of problem regarding Bitcoin transactions at any platform then you can ask them publicly.

The whole community will help you to solve your problem.

But before asking anything, it remains better to search about your problem in the concerned category.

Otherwise it will be a violation of the rule. 

Even if you have problems with the mining or anything else to set up, You will get proper help from the community.

Advertisement Of Bitcoin Related Projects

If you own any project or want to start any project which has direct relation with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency use, Then you can advertise in the project announcement section.

And also you can advertise your service in the community through a signature campaign.

You just need to start a post in signature campaign category

You should follow all the rules which are mandatory for a signature campaign to run in the bitcointalk community.

You can check the rules to start a signature campaign here

Speculation And Trading Discussion

In Bitcointalk There is a section called ” Trading Discussion”. In the trading discussion category, We can do discussions about particular cryptocurrency. 

Along with pros and cons, we should keep in mind that we are restricted by the rules of the Bitcointalk community. 

If we will use our discussion to advertise any ponzi scheme or Investment based websites or any referral link then it is against the rule of bitcointalk community

So avoid yourself from the use of any type of link which is harmful for other people directly or indirectly.

How To Earn With Bitcointalk.org?

Bitcointalk.org is the best platform to learn and remain updated about the crypto community.

But besides all these things we can earn cryptocurrency by easy tasks.

There are many options to start earning at the Bitcointalk community according to your skill.

Lets see these earning opportunities one by one. And choose that earning criteria which suits best for you.

1)Earning Through Signature Campaign

Before knowing about earning through a signature campaign program, We needs to understand what a signature campaign is?

Signature campaign is a process to advertise newly launched services or ICO projects. 

In signature campaigns interested community users can join according to eligibility and criteria rules of the campaign owner.

list of signature campaign

There are a number of signature campaigns available in the bitcointalk.org community where we can join to make free earnings of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency or new crypto token.

It depends upon the signature campaign team whether they will distribute Bitcoin or their new launching token or both.

If you are eligible according to the terms and conditions of the signature campaign then you can join their signature campaign.

If you are thinking, procedure of joining a signature campaign is a tedious and complicated procedure, then you are wrong. In the signature campaign everything is manual and every instruction will be there, that is how to join.

But here it should be noticed that it is not easy to join any type of signature campaign. Because most high level signature campaigns have requirements of high level and high merit of the user account.

These levels are newbie, jr. Member, member, full member, Sr. member, Hero member and legendary .

To achieve a high rank in the community is very tough for now. Earlier it was not complicated or tedious job to achieve high rank because there was no merit system which was necessary to gain level.

So to achieve a high ranking level, you can join high level campaigns ( high level campaign means high amount of earnings), You should do posts and discussions with better quality. Share good knowledge and do better discussion so that people can get better knowledge and better help from the community.

Since this rule of merit and activity system makes earning opportunity tough but it is playing an important role to provide a better quality of discussion & help in the community.

For more information about how to get merit more perfectly, you can Follow this discussion.

2)Earning Through Becoming A Signature Campaign Manager

Since it is more tough but it will not be tough, if you can get a signature campaign management job one to two times.

Usually only those people can be chosen as signature campaign managers, who have a good discussion history in the campaign and are trusted by many people in the community.

To become a campaign manager, A user should have a good rank level and better reputation. 

To get a better reputation and rank level, we should do high quality discussion so that people can get an advantage from our side and then they will rate and appreciate your work by giving  merit.

And every merit will help you to grow your ranking in the Bitcointalk community.

Job of a signature campaign manager is only to collect information of signature campaign advertisement progress and also to see the quality of posts and numbers of posts that people are doing under signature campaign to make earnings.

If you will get a better trust level and popularity in the community of Bitcointalk then there is a very high possibility that campaign owners may hire you to distribute their funds or tokens.

But all will depend upon your reputation level in the community about your hard work.

3)Give Loan And Earn Interest

You can earn in bitcointalk through giving loans to other users. 

There are many people in the community of Bitcointalk, who need Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency loan for short or long term.

So if you can give a loan then you will be able to make a good interest rate.

But here you need to keep in your mind that you will give loans to high ranking members otherwise low ranking members ( like newbie or jr.member) may scam you.

If you will give money to other members then ranking level of loan taker will be collateral security.

If a person who has a better rank will do a scam with you then he will get a negative trust level ( red trust rating).

Probably it is not possible in usual cases. 

But if you want to go with this earning method of giving loan then you should take care also about the email and password change status of the loan taker. If a password or email changed recently then there may be a chance that the account has been stolen.

 So it will be better to see instructions before to lend your money, click here.

After all research and knowledge, You can start your own thread like this.

4)Run Own Escrow Service 

This is also the best method to make money by getting into escrow service.

You can start your own thread where people will be able to make deals with by taking you as a mediator.

Many people in the forum have very low rank and are not trusted. 

In this situation they need a trusted person as a mediator, so that deal between two people goes smoothly.

But to start your own escrow service, You need a better trust level and better reputation.

If you have a good and better reputation , you will be able to create lots of profit.

But also you should take care that you will not make any type of mistake or you should not involve yourself in that deal where illegal activity is involved.

As a mediator you can make $1 to $10 or more according to your history and work as a good escrow service.

You can develop your idea to start escrow service by follow this thread, in this thread you can see list of escrow services which are doing best in then bitcointalk community.

5)Earning Through Becoming A Investor In New Project

There are many people in this world of cryptocurrency and all of them are working with their own thinking. 

In this crowd of people there are few people who have amazing ideas and concepts but have no money in their pocket to implement those ideas into practical.

So you can see a number of new projects that need investment of money. 

You can invest and can become a part of a share of their project or after the success of the project you can get out with your profit.

But here in this section of Investment in new projects, You should remain aware because if you will not remain aware about the project reality, then there are chances that you may face a big loss.

There are every type of people in this world of cryptocurrency. 

There are good and also bad people. These bad people can make fake investments in new projects and that may result in a scam with multiple people.

So before investing in any type of project, Be careful. 

Do full analysis and see yourself whether the concept of a new project is based on a unique concept or not.

In this way you can choose a good project startup and can make a big amount of money.

Precaution To Use Bitcointalk Forum

Since the platform is useful and friendly for those who fully ideal with the forum rules. But if you try to use your mind to make earning or scamming people or even to try advertisment of any ponzi scheme directly or indirectly, then that will result into permanent ban of your account. And also there is one another chance is that you may lost your account with full ban.

So always to try your hard to be a ideal community user of bitcointalk.org forum.

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