Lloyd Auctions Houses Around Australia Begin Accepting Crypto for all Items.


Lloyds Auction House announced that it would accept payment via cryptocurrency, thus welcoming bidders settling their accounts using Bitcoin.

While with the release of the payment option, within hours of opening the payment option, the AU$100,000($76,000) custom-built caravan was paid in full via crypto.

While in a purposed statement a buyer said, “As a long-time patron of Lloyds I have no hesitation and could not believe how easy it is for me to pay with cryptocurrency. The seller accepts it in cash and will never know the difference!”.

Lloyds’ interest has grown since the transition to auction items now ranges from classic cars to earthmoving machinery.

While attaining huge success from their crypto payment option thus, the auction house shows some interest in auctioning their upcoming classic cars and Earth Moving Machine,” says Lee Holmes, Chief Operations Officer at Lloyds Auction.

Earlier this month, the auction house announced that Blockchain was the best way to prove its ownership of moments-capturing negatives in Australian history, printing Rose Stereograph Company, a collection of original glass plate negatives from 140 years of operation. Via a non-fungal token (NFT).

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Sotheby’s, an international art and jewellery auction house, recently broke the news to the crypto world by announcing that it will accept bitcoin and ether instead for a proposed 101.38-carat diamonds.

The proposed pear-shaped stone, with impeccable clarity, is expected to fetch $ 15 million at the July 9 auction.

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