Pac Protocol Coin


In this article we will explain about the PAC Coin. This coin is in the field of cryptocurrency since 2014.

This coin was launched in 2014 based on SHA-256 technology. But now this coin is at another level of the working protocol.

Here we will tell all about this coin that how it can be a profitable choice from the point of investment and also we will explain how this coin is perfectly following its road map.

Overall we talk about the future of Pac coin with the practical life usage of their services.

What is PAC Protocol coin?

PAC full form is People’s Alternative Choice. Since the very starting PAC coin got lots of attention but it’s attention get down rapidly. The reason behind the downgrade in the popularity of this coin was less-active team members on social media.

PAC is mineable at x11 algorithm based on DASH SHA256 Technology.

The technology of SHA256 is very popular since Bitcoin launched but now it is not in much use for new coins. So the Team of PAC coin relaunched this coin with another few other types of implementation that can make this coin more efficient to use and makes it faster for the transaction from one address to another.

Relaunch of PAC coin

Since we already mentioned above that this coin entered in this field of cryptocurrency in 2014. This coin achieved 3rd rank. But from time to time its popularity got down and this coin falled with a decrement of 1200 rank. 

This is a totally bad experience for those who had invested their money in PAC coins. But more unpleasant about this coin is, No one tried to improve the rank and it became almost a dead coin.

But now the situation of this coin is more improved.

In the present time this coin is renamed as PAC PROTOCOL instead of PAC global coin.

So we can say there are three phases of the name of this coin.

At the very beginning the name of this coin was PAC coin , after that its name became PAC global and finally in present time (April 2021) its name is PAC PROTOCOL.

The present time rank of PAC PROTOCOL coin is 320 ( dated April 2021).

Based Technology of PAC PROTOCOL coin

PAC coin is based on two types of basic technology. First one is proof-of-stack and second one is deterministic master node.

The team of PAC PROTOCOL coin always claims that they have a much faster network than any other coin’s system. 

The main reason that they claim that they have faster technology is because they always have 1700+ active master nodes which is really a high number in comparison with another coin.

In the present time of date April 2021 active nodes are 176,67 nodes.


You can check manually at here about the current time live master nodes.

For such a big support of the master nodes, PAC coins refer this coin as Masters of Node.

Partnerships By Pac Protocol Coin

There are many partnerships between PAC protocol and another company.

The recent partnership of PAC protocol is with Flarenetwors, They announced about this partnership at Twitter 

Another partnership was with GoGolaGames , they announced about it at Twitter 

Another big partnership of PAC Protocol is will Yan Network , which are online server provider service. We mean cloud services.To know more about it see Roadmap OF PAC PROTOCOL here

Pac Protocol team will launch a coin, named YANDA coin or token to their users who are running nodes. 

Since this coin will be reward for miners but still another people who are not involve in running nodes can buy YANDA token.

The main practical use of YANDA token will be advertisement purpose. People will be able to pay ad network companies with YANDA token and can run their advertisement at low cost.

List of Exchanges where Pac Protocol available

Garviex Exchange

BiTrue Exchange

Bilaxy Exchange

There few another exchanges where listing of PAC protocol coin is in pending. When we asked about to the team of PAC Protocol about listing of the coin at BINANCE like big exchange, then they clearly explained us about it, that , they will try to launch their coin not only at BINANCE like big exchange but also at another best exchanges. But in present time they don’t want to work for the coin only for trade purpose. They have strong belief that if they can make their PAC protocol coin perfect by means of practical use then it will be better for Pac coin holder, otherwise will use this coin for trade purpose only.These lines clear indication about the intention of Pac Protocol coin for a perfect future to real life acceptance of cryptocurrency instead to spread hype.

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