Solana unveils emissions dashboard to promote blockchain-based disclosure of global carbon footprint


When it comes to keeping tabs on the Solana blockchain, the Solana Foundation has established a real-time carbon emissions counter.

In order to monitor carbon emissions on the Solana blockchain, the Solana Foundation and data platform Trycarbonara have unveiled a real-time monitoring dashboard.

This is the first “major smart-contract blockchain” to measure carbon emissions in real-time, according to a blog post from the foundation. The organization anticipates that this will stimulate a trend toward carbon emission transparency in the blockchain ecosystem.

By publishing this information, the Solana Foundation intends to establish a new standard for measuring emissions in the blockchain.

The new dashboard can be accessed on the website for Solana Climate. Indicators there currently display the total number of nodes, megawatt-hours, average total carbon emissions, and marginal usage, among numerous other metrics.

Users can view side-by-side comparisons depicting Solana usage in comparison to a variety of other emission-producing activities on the new dashboard’s charts comparing emissions.

According to the chart, burning a gallon of petrol is equivalent to conducting 140,416.67 transactions on the Solana blockchain, whereas undertaking a Google search comes up to 0.25 transactions.

The open-source data used to fuel the Solana Foundation’s real-time carbon emissions dashboard is modeled after the estimated carbon footprint of the Dell PowerEdge R940.

It remains to be seen whether other blockchain organizations will implement similar monitoring systems, but this move by the Solana Foundation coincides with increasing global efforts to use blockchain technology to monitor carbon emissions worldwide.

In the meantime, in the United States, President Joe Biden recently proposed budget proposals that would impose a 30% tax on electricity used for cryptocurrency mining.

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