Elon Musk is back in DogeCoin support


Elon Musk tweeted about DogeCoin and the price surged with better stability.

In the world of the cryptocurrency market, everyone knows about Elon Musk & DogeCoin and how these two big names grabbed huge attention in the crypto market and also touched a new height. 

A popular Twitter user (@uberfacts) wrote a tweet on Elon Musk and said that “Elon Musk predicted to become the first Trillionaire & Thanks to SpaceX“.

Elon Musk responded to this tweet and wrote: “in DogeCoin”. 

The tweet by Elon Musk is a clear indication that he is not making predictions to be a trillionaire with SpaceX, instead, they will grab the achievement through DogeCoin. 

All these are clear indications that Elon Musk is not going to stop pushing the DogeCoin price to a very high level. 

In response to this tweet, the price of DogeCoin pumped rapidly and it surged from $0.194 to $0.25. Right now the price is stable at $0.2461. If we compare this small pump in DogeCoin then we can say that this indirect pump of Elon Musk for DogeCoin is much healthier than other past pumps. 

David Gokhshtein, CEO of Pac Protocol, also responded to the tweet of Elon Musk and wrote ” Elon Musk is back on the Doge Dip”. 

Elon Musk Stopped tweets on crypto

Around 2-3 months ago, Elon Musk was very active in the crypto space and was actively tweeting about the Bitcoin, Doge & crypto markets. 

Most of the tweets of Elon Musk negatively Influenced the crypto market. 

Even after the China crypto ban guidelines, people were criticizing Elon Musk. 

But after a virtual Bitcoin meeting, Elon Musk revealed many things and claimed that he owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and also DogeCoin. And after that meeting, Elon Musk stopped tweeting about crypto.

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